Lot #50845 - A26a 1 Peso L. 30.11.1898-24.4.1899

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Republica Filipina
A26a 1 Peso L. 30.11.1898-24.4.1899
Grade: PMG AU 53     PMG
Extremely rare issued note. Purple series A, brown serial number. Embossed seal at left. Hand signed by Pedro A. Paterno. The first Philippine Republic had barely issued a few pieces when it was overrun by American forces; at that point, the Philippines became a United States possession. From an extremely relevant and historic series. PMG terms this "AU 53 stained"; by itself, clearly the best of only four examples on the population report. Wonderful opportunity.
Current Bid: $ 12,000.00

Estimate: ($ 7,500.00 - $ 12,500.00)

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