Lot #45390 - 2E? 1000 Dollars ND (ca. 1914)


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Government of Trinidad and Tobago
2E? 1000 Dollars ND (ca. 1914)
Grade: AU 50    
SPECIMEN perforated CANCELLED in GREEN; without serial number, signatures, and date. The Standard Catalog lists this type in black as uniface proofs; the illustrations in that source are of front and back proofs with hand artwork dated August 29, '13 (1913) at top right corners. This piece is a completely finished, double sided specimen with front and back together as an issued note would be released. Helmeted woman's head and royal arms/superb back design with cherubs supporting seal. Issued by the Government of Trinidad & Tobago just prior to WWI for reasons unknown. In Trinidad (as in Canada prior to the opening of the central bank of Canada, i.e. the Bank of Canada in 1935), the issuance of most notes was left to the banks. Thus, the Royal Bank of Canada, the Canadian Bank of Commerce, and the Colonial Bank issued notes in denominations of $5, $20, and $100. To protect those who had little wealth in the event of a bank failure, the government forbade the issuance of notes in denominations of less than $5; thus, Trinidad & Tobago issued notes for $1 and $2. And, as in Canada, denominations higher than $100 were also the prerogative of the government. Thus, Trinidad & Tobago chose to issue a $1000 in 1914. Under 'Estimated Amount of Paper Money in Circulation, Colonial Government': "On February 1st, 1906, the Government commenced issuing $1 and $2 notes. On June 12th, 1914, the first issue of $1000 notes was made. The total value of such notes in circulation at the end of the financial year was $636,960, of which $102,000 consist of $1000 notes." PMG terms this "AU 50". A masterpiece in every respect, large size and a superb design; an exceptional opportunity.
Current Bid: $ 21,000.00

Estimate: ($ 35,000.00 - $ 55,000.00)

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