Lot #50288 - NL 10 Kopeks ND

Walrus Skin Note!

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Russian-American Company
NL 10 Kopeks ND
Grade: PCGS Fine 15     PCGS
Here is a terrific example of the mystical Alaska Sealskin (Walrus Skin) Money. Most known examples are at present ensconced in museums around the world and will never be made available to any private collector. Printed in brown ink. Hole in each upper corner as issued. The face has oval seal with eagle of Russian-American Company. Denomination in Russian wording across bottom. The back has large oval guilloche across most of surface with Russian script and two bars below, one for handwritten serial number and the other for printed signature of the Director. The late numismatic scholar Randolph Zander compiled all known information into a booklet published by the Russian Numismatic Society in 1996. Taking facts from that publication, Zander indicates that the Russian-American Company was founded in 1799 for the purpose of trading in furs. A special currency was desired, and the first notes were made in 1816 on heavy card stock with a different design. It was not until 1826 that parchment and skins began to be used and the design of the presently offered piece introduced. From that date forward to 1858, most were printed on parchment of varying quality, but a certain quantity was made on a more or less heavier substance like salvaged walrus hide. Total number of different printings or issues is believed to be eight, ranging from 1816 to 1858. Notes wore out easily from the rugged climate and new issues were always in demand. Many notes lost most of their printing in about four months as even the parchment stood up badly. Serial numbers were especially vulnerable to rubbing and wear, and often faded fast. We are immensely pleased to offer this extremely rare and historic scrip from our 49th state. PCGS terms this "Fine 15".
Current Bid: $ 8,500.00

Estimate: ($ 12,500.00 - $ 20,000.00)

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