Lot #45501 - Fr. 2011-B $10/$1 1950-A New York B-D Double Denomination

$10/$1 Double Denomination

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Fr. 2011-B $10/$1 1950-A New York B-D Double Denomination
Grade: PMG Ch. XF 45     PMG
The rarest of the small size double denominations, and undoubtedly the most sought after. Who would ever think of an $11 bill! The combination of a $10 FRN and a $1 silver certificate back, surely makes for the most unusual combination recorded on a single issue. The error note expert, Harry Jones, estimates that only six of these have survived. As amazing as that seems, three pieces were available at the 1976 ANA. This statement was taken from the Hans Schulman auction description: "In the spring of 1955, a charming young woman was surprised to note, after a few counts, that there were two different totals in her pay envelope - $120 at times and $111 when the bills were turned over. Close examination ferreted out the culprit, a bill with $10 on the face and $1 on the reverse. Mrs. O'Connor, the heroine of our tale, did a bit of checking, and subsequently received many offers of purchase for the misprinted bill. The bookkeeper who issued the pay envelope offered to take the bill back to the Manufacturer's Trust Co. branch at 221 Fourth Avenue in New York City to exchange it for a "good" bill. This Mrs. O'Connor refused, preferring to hold it as a souvenir". This $11 bill, a double denomination, is one of the rarest and seldom offered of the doubles. It is one of the most conservatively graded note I have seen.
Current Bid: $ 36,000.00

Estimate: ($ 30,000.00 - $ 60,000.00)

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