Lot #16263 - Dover, Cochecho NB, 1087

Cochecho NB of Dover, NH - Unreported

National Bank Notes > New Hampshire

Dover, Cochecho NB, 1087
Fr. 480 $10 1882BB
Grade: Fine    
This bank title comes from the Indian name meaning 'rapid foaming waters' and the Cochecho River is part of the tributary system of the Piscataqua River. This title is the correct spelling which later was shortened by a clerk accident in the New Hampshire legislature. The town of Dover formed around the falls. This bank was in business from April 29, 1865 and long enough to print First Charters, Originals and Series of 1875, as well as a handful of Brown Backs before being placed into receivership on February 1, 1899. The signers were Jas E. Lathrop, President and Harrison Haley, Cashier. He was a local entrepreneur who built the Hailey House, a wooden observatory 65 feet high, and in 1882 he incorporated the Dover Horse Railroad Company. Dover has been the oldest continuous settlement in New Hampshire and is said to be the seventh oldest in America, dating to around 1692.
Current Bid: $ 16,000.00

Estimate: ($ 25,000.00 - $ 35,000.00)

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