Lot #86554 - Mountville, NB, 3808 Uncut Sheets and Letter

The Last Large $5 Sheet and First Small Size Sheet

National Bank Notes > Pennsylvania

Mountville, NB, 3808 Uncut Sheets Large and Small
Fr. 600 $5 1902ND, Fr. 1800-1 $5 1929T1
Grade: PMG About UNC 55 EPQ, PMG About Unc 58     PMG
Chartered in November 1887, the Mountville National Bank would issue Brown Backs, all three types of 1902 notes, as well as both Small Size types through the remainder of the National Bank Note era. Sometime in April 1930, the bank received the included letter from one George H. Blake "Collector of Paper Money" - we know today that he was actually serving as the agent for Colonel Green in trying to accumulate as many serial #1 small size sheets, and this letter spells it out how he accomplished that, by offering $37.50 for a $30 face value sheet. George Blake at one point owned and displayed the serial #1, plate A, 1862 $1 Legal Tender at the 1914 ANA Convention, once owned by Chase, and that note still resides at the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York. He also wrote one of the earliest references on Fractional Paper in 1908, and co-authored another book with Frank Limpert in 1950, "United States Paper Money: Old Series". Neither sheet is found in Track and Price or the National Bank Note Census, having resided in one of the bankers' families along with the letter for decades. And we have to thank that family for saving the letter, and the sheets - and by checking Kelly one will notice this is the last $5 Plain Back sheet, along with the first first Small Size Sheet for the bank!!! One can imagine the large sheet being taken off and placed back on a shelf after being counted numerous times for vault cash, while the small Serial Number One sheet only has corner folds affecting the bottom notes. An amazing trove!
Current Bid: $ 12,000.00

Estimate: ($ 20,000.00 - $ 30,000.00)

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