Lot #10796 - Belmond, First NB, M8748

#1 $5 Red Seal Belmond, IA

National Bank Notes > Iowa

Belmond, First NB, M8748
Fr. 589 $5 1902RS #1
Grade: PMG VF 30    
This is a truly rare Iowa location, east of Cherokee and not far from Eagle Grove. A quaint farming community in north central Iowa. The bank first issued Red Seals upon opening in 1907 this is only the third example known. It's the third note from the first sheet, position 'C'. The officers were J.B. Kaufman, Vice President and W.G. Rosencrans, Cashier. The bank printed only 250 sheets, with 200 sheets of $10-10-10-20 Red Seals and 1,820 Blue Seal sheets, both 1902 Plain Backs and Date Backs. I believe there are only seven or so $5 Red Seals known from the entire state.
Current Bid: $ 6,000.00

Estimate: ($ 10,000.00 - $ 15,000.00)

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